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I own a 2010 13" macbook, and I'd like to do a RAM update from 2gb to 4gb. Before I buy brand new 2x2gb ram, I'd like to make sure that my macbook has 2x1gb or 1x2gb ram slots. I mean, if both slots are used or if there's only 1 used. Is there a command line to have that information? Cores and Logical processors under Performance/CPU tab in ... 1. When I open Task Manager, under Performance/CPU, I can see 'cores' and 'logical processors' and both are listed as 4. Please tell me what do each of them mean in this context. 2. When I click on Performance/Memory, I can see 'slots used' given as '1 of 2'. Also when I open an app called CPUID CPU-Z, I can see 2 DDR3 RAM slots listed. Slot 2 - Wikipedia Because the design of the 242-lead Slot 1 connector did not support the full-speed L2 cache of the Xeon, an extended 330-lead connector was developed. This new connector, dubbed 'Slot 2', was used for Pentium II Xeon and the first two Pentium III Xeon cores, codenamed 'Tanner' and 'Cascades'.

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If you don't mind using the command line, WMI can do this and is native with Windows XP and newer. Simply run wmic MEMORYCHIP get BankLabel,DeviceLocator,Capacity,Tag >wmic MEMORYCHIP get BankLabel,DeviceLocator,Capacity,Tag BankLabel Capacity DeviceLocator Tag BANK 0 2147483648 Bottom - Slot 1 (top) Physical Memory 0 BANK 1 4294967296 Bottom - Slot 2 (under) Physical Memory 1

my computer has 4 ram slots but max ram of 8gb i found 2 4gb ram cards for cheap can i take out all 4 of my ram cards and just use these 2 only and run on 8gb of ram do do i need to buy 4 2gb sticks? Used Slot Machines For Sale Buy Nevada Casino Slots used slot machine for sale buy nevada casino slots Used Slot Machines For Sale Buy Nevada Casino Slots Slots Slot Machines Used IGT,Konami, Bally,WMS,Atronics,Aristrocrat,CDS Slots Machines.