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There are many variations of Open Face Chinese Poker, and here we will list the more popular and fun forms. Pineapple Open Face Chinese Poker. In Pineapple OFC, everything remains the same except two changes: – On the draw, players are given three cards each, place two on their board, and discard the third face down. Learn How to Play Pineapple Open-Face Chinese Poker ... Pineapple OFC is a derivative of standard open-face Chinese poker with Fantasyland, the rules for which can be found here. Just as in regular OFC, the players get several cards in turn, and place ... Open Face Chinese Poker Pineapple -Rules of the game A popular variant, of course, Open Face Chinese, is a modality that has been called “Pineapple”. The main difference of open face chinese poker pineapple with the standard game is that cards are dealt after the first round. In the Pineapple players receive them 3 in 3, while in the standard OFC they are received one by one. Open Face Chinese Poker Rules & Scoring OPEN FACE CHINESE POKER RULES AND SCORING Open Face Chinese Poker is a variant of 'regular' Chinese Poker. In regular Chinese Poker, each player is dealt 13 cards 'in the hole'. They then set the cards in three rows of poker hands.

OFC Progressive Pineapple Open Face Chinese Progressive Pineapple Rules. The Open Face Chinese Progressive Pineapple follows most of the same rules as the regular Pineapple OFC, with a few exceptions when players get into Fantasy Land. Unlike in Pineapple OFC where a player is always dealt 14 cards when they’re in Fantasy Land, in Progressive ...

Whether it's for dimes or hundreds of $ a point, OFC is played on kitchen tables, with mobile apps and in poker rooms around the world. But should it be? Chinese and Open Face Chinese Poker: A Complete Guide Learn everything about OFC and Pineapple OFC Poker: its history, different rules and scoring system, and where to play OFC online.

Pineapple Chinese Poker. Pineapple Chinese Poker by poker lala is your first choice to play Pineapple.

My Review of’s new Open Face Chinese Poker Platform.This client is browser-based and only has a play money games. However, no major online poker rooms spreads OFC, so finding play money games is your best bet at this point. Play OFC Pineapple Poker Online For Money | Open Face … Pineapple Open Face Chinese Poker is a kind of Chinese poker in which players are dealt three face down cards in all game rounds except the first andIf players run out of time, their cards will be laid out automatically (by the system) in accordance to the following rules: • Cards are laid out as they are... Diving into Pineapple Open Face Chinese Poker -…

Pineapple Open Face Chinese poker, the most popular OFC variation is derived from the standard OFC featuring Fantasy Land. Just as in regular Open Face Chinese poker, players get several cards in turns, and place them face-up before setting a 13-card hand, consisting of the top, middle, and bottom rows, of three, five, and five cards, respectively.

Open Face Chinese poker is a highly addicting game, and I fell in love with it the first time I tried it out with my friends. It has many exciting variants such as regular Chinese, Pineapple and probably the most popular is OFC poker, which is quite different from standard Texas Holdem poker rules.Therefore, we will talk more about it a bit more. Open Face Chinese Poker Odds ... - Open Face Odds & Home Welcome to Open Face Odds, the most complete source for Open Face Chinese Poker strategy articles, strategy videos, odds charts and calculators, complete rules, play modules, and more. Whether you're just learning how to play OFC, hosting a home game and need a quick refresher on rules and scoring, or you're playing Pineapple OFC for real ... Cash Game - Open Faced Chinese / Pineapple | Poker Chip Forum Not sure if it's formally called "Open Faced Chinese Poker" or "Open Faced Pineapple", but I'm speaking specifically to the game where you start with 5 cards and then draw from the deck and build the Chinese poker hands (can play HU or 3/4 way). Discover OFC Poker: Open Face Chinese Pineapple Online Poker Invented sometime around 2011, Open-face Chinese poker (OFC) is a turn-based card game, which has become increasingly popular in the poker community. Even though its rules vastly differ from other variants of Poker, OFC definitely has found its fanbase, especially among high-stakes gamblers. In this game mixing luck and skill, no bets are involved.